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How This Site Works

RC Trade X (RC Trade Exchange) is designed to make buying, selling & trading Radio Controlled models a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a new RC truck from Traxxas, and Vintage Tamiya RC car, spare parts to repair your current model or you have a model or parts you’d like to sell or swap, you can do that, for free here at RCTradeX.com.

RC Trade X is owned and operated by genuine RC enthusiasts with over 50 years combined experience in the world of RC models, and we thought we’d put our knowledge to good use by creating a free resource for enthusiasts just like you to be able to buy, sell and trade models and parts safely and easily.


To post an ad, or contact any advertiser on the site, you must register first. This helps protect both yourself and the seller from dodgy dealers, and we’ve all come across those in the past! Registration is however completely free, cos we’re nice like that :)

Featured Sellers

In the Featured Sellers section you’ll find a right Motley Crew of sellers that we’ve personally dealt with over the years and trust as if our lives depended on them. They’re hand picked because they deliver what they offer when they say they will and have superb customer service. (Note to sellers – If we’ve not added you yet, it’s not because we don’t love you anymore, it’s just we’re busy bees and we will get to you shortly we promise!)

For Sale Ads

If you have an RC Car, Part or Accessory that you’d like to list for sale, then you can list it for free in the For Sale section by clicking the Post An Ad button at the top of any page on this site. Photos up to 10Mb in size are allowed and there’s no limit as to how many items you can list either! Cool eh?

Wanted Ads

Looking for a particular model, part or accessory? Then stick a Wanted ad up and you never know… Someone may well come up trumps with exactly the thing you’re looking for! Again, photos are allowed too. Wanted ads are currently free too… Even better!

Trades Ads

Wouldn’t life be easier without money? We could just trade and barter for things! Well if that’s your thing and you’d rather just swap your stuff Noel Edmonds Swap Shop Stylie (crickey, that brings back memories!), then post your wares in the Trades section of the site.


The Auctions is where you can get a little more traffic to your Ebay auctions! Just post a description of your auction listing… try not to just copy and paste it, be a bit creative and write a little more detail about your item maybe, it’ll pay dividends for you in the end we can assure you. Oh, and don’t for get to post pictures and a link to your auction listing.


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